We have developed a comprehensive Jeep JK line of air systems so they can be modular and you have the ability to install the systems in two stages with or without compressors.

1.    Air it up 4 Tire on board air delivery system: (ADS Controller)

The ADS controller is a Simple solution that will enable you to Air It Up or down all 4 your tires all at the same time, all you need to do is bring your own air source and you’re set. If you already have a portable compressor or a power tank, then basically that’s all you need. This ADS system is permanently installed and is crafted specifically for your JK. We include 4 separate Schrader valves that are located close to each tire which makes it simple and easy to connect without having to sit down on the ground or possibly in the mud to air down or air up your tires. The Air It Up whips stay clean and they don’t drag on the ground. Also included is a storage bag to keep them together. They ADS controller comes with 8-easy push to connect chucks that we have developed with our exclusive Betty Bar feature that makes it simple to push on and pop off.

All you need to do is determine whether you should purchase a front mounted ADS controller or a rear mounted ADS controller. The difference between the two is the rear mount ARB set up leaves room to install the sPOD. However, if you going to use a VIAIR system, then purchase the front mounted ADS Controller that works that space.

2.    Add on Kits that include compressors:

Let’s say that you already have our ADS controller and now you want to add a permanent onboard compressor system, we have the solution. Just purchase our Add on Kit that includes compressors.

3.    4 Tire on Board Complete Systems that Includes Compressors:

This all-inclusive complete system includes everything you need for a complete install, you get an ARB twin or VIAIR dual compressor set up with all the mounts and wiring switches everything necessary to install a fully sustainable unit. These kits include the air delivery system [ADS] Compressor mounting solution, wiring, switches, brackets and hardware.

4.     Air it up 4 Tire on Board Systems without compressors.

This is our complete system as mentioned above, but without the compressors, that way if you already have purchased a ARB CKMTA12 or ViAIR 400c compressors [part numbers 40013 or 40048) then you’re all set. Just buy one of those compressors and this kit will accommodate it.

5.    Complete Install Kits without Compressors made to work with YOUR ADS Controller Unit System: These kits are made to complete your system after you already installed an ADS system and now you have your own compressors and want a solution. Kit includes compressor mounting brackets and hardware to use with your own ARB or VIAR compressors. Let’s just say that you have an ADS system already installed and you already own the ARB or 400c compressors. This will complete the install, it’s that simple.


  1. A) ADS Controllers 10-0717 Front Engine Mount [not going to install sPOD or ARB) 69-0717 going to use with ARB and sPOD set up.
  2. B) Add on Kits for VIAIR compressors include part numbers 22-2719 & 40013 or a 40048. Add on Kits for ARB compressors set up includes part numbers 22-7810 & CKMTA12.
  3. C) Complete systems include everything, you choose what system you want Front or Rear Engine mounts for a ARB compressor set up or VIAR Black or Chrome compressor set up. These are our complete systems with everything all included in one box.
  4. D) Complete systems WITHOUT COMPRESSORS – you choose what system you need for Front or Rear Engine mounts for a ARB compressor set up or VIAR 400c compressor set up. These systems DO NOT INCLUDE COMPRESSORS.
  5. E) Complete Install Kits without Compressor are made to work with a previously installed ADS Controller unit. This way if you have your compressor already and you installed a ADS Controller then we have a solution for you.