• For your safety, our system has the benefit of its Tire Equalizing feature. Just connect all your whips to your tires and allow the Air It Up® controller to automatically equalize each tire without any air source.
  • Driving on pavement with underinflated tires is dangerous for you and your family.
  • Driving on pavement on underinflated tires at all speeds can cause permanent sidewall damage to your tires.
  • Airing up your tires to your manufactured suggested tire pressure is a hassle, but with the Air It Up® controller, it’s easy, accurate, and safe to ensure that all your tires have the exact same tire pressure.
  • When driving on asphalt or off road, you want to make sure you have proper tire pressure. Now you can go from pavement, to off road and back to the pavement knowing you can easily adjust your tires to the proper air pressure for both environments.
  • Having the ease of adjusting your tire pressure to manufacturer standards when you need to, prevents blowouts and tire decapitation.
  • Save money with increased fuel mileage and tire tread life.
  • Keep your whips organized with the included storage pouch.