AIR IT UP or DOWN - Simple & Easy!



Ever wonder why most people avoid setting the proper tire pressure when they’re either driving on or off road? People don’t like to do it, mainly because it’s a hassle. People avoid setting the proper tire pressure because you have to basically sit down or bend over at each tire individually and try to make sure that you set every tire to the exact same pressure.



We’ve solved all that and the best part is it’s easy and it works 100% of the time.

UpDownAir products is a game-changer that will make this necessary task so easy, fun and 100% hassle-free, all while making sure all of your tires are accurately set when your using your Air It Up Systems.



The first two products we are delivering will be crafted exclusively for the Jeep JK and the Ford Gen 2 Raptor.

We make it easy to Air Up or Down all your tires, all at the same time. So now when you’re going out to either play, in the sand, dirt or go crawling, you can return to the road knowing that you can drive home safe with the proper tire pressure.


This is how it works.


With your vehicle parked, get out of the vehicle with your easy push to connect short whips.


Now connect to the 4 tire valve stems and the 4 hi flow valves next to each tire . . .


And you’re ready to Air It Up or Down (requires separate air source.)


With the on-board Air It Up controller system and your choice of a ARB or VIAIR compressors, now your air system is 100% sustainable – all by a flip of a switch.


Actually, we’re going to deliver Air to all 4 of your tires – all at the same time.

It’s that simple.

It’s that easy.

Air It Up!

Scott Poncher, Founder






Up Down Air Systems Air It Up® Controller now make it easy, simple, safe, accurate to enable you to air up all 4 of your tires all at the same time.


Airing up your tires to your manufactured suggested Tire pressure is a hassle now with the air it up controller we made it easy accurate safe and fun to ensure that all your tires have the exact same tire pressure.


The Air It Up® Controller features an air pressure regulator that enables you to dial your exact tire pressure and set it and forget it. The tire pressure gauge shows you Air pressure. Another great feature is the air down feature the air down feature basically allows you to air down all of your tires at the same time making it easy to air down your tires for off-road use.


The Air It Up ® Controller is a simple solution that will easily allow you to dial your specific air pressure in at one central point that will ensure that all of your tires are set to the exact same tire pressure.


Driving on under-inflated tires can cause permanent damage to your tires. When you're driving on pavement you want to make sure you have your proper 4 tire pressures. It’s the same thing when you're driving off road as well, now you can go off-road and come back on road and make sure that your vehicles tires have the proper air pressure for both environments.

Coming Soon.